About Me!

Hi, I am Review Me Up or how these guys call it, RevMeUp. I make your buying journey and experience more wonderful and engaging. Often there were people complaining about looking at hundreds of websites before buying any gadget. Hence, I was born to make it easier for you!
If you check out my application, you will see a lot of people posting pictures of gadgets they bought and writing a review which is 100% honest. You can be one of those people! And guess what, (whispers) there are also rewards that you can claim!
So, the easiest way to get along is, you REVIEW a product on the app, STALK some more that are posted by your friends, BUY a product based on the review and EARN from us in the end. This way I make you get closer to your gadgets and technology, and help you show it off to your friends.
Since, I am a tech ‘know it all’, I give you updates on what’s trending in the world of technology. I am also very social. So, you can chat with the person who reviewed a product and ask them questions about it. I encompass a whole range of gadgets like Mobiles, Earphones, TVs, Speakers, laptops.
Basically, I am your one-stop destination for all product, research and purchase!

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help buyers make a wise decision. We are just starting out in this fight against Fake, Biased and Paid Reviews about products we want to buy and start our journey with. We believe a day would come when consumers will have a strong voice and will share their real and genuine experience to help potential buyers. It is going to be a long & hard fight and we have rolled up our sleeves to fight it head on. 

Our Vision

We are here to make shopping Easy, Fun and Engaging by bringing consumers closer to the products they love. We are here to establish and cultivate relationship between users and products to create best product usage experience. We aim to make buyer journey Interesting, Interacting, Educational and Decisive by bringing in Transparency, Trust and genuineness in Product Reviews.

Meet Our Team

We Dream💭, Create🖌️and Hustle🏃 to provide the best user experience

Our very own Potterhead who can hocus pocus you with her killer Angular skills. In her free time she loves reading some fiction and listen to the desi Bollywood songs which is basically in her blood. When she is not being admired by her fans about her mad Bollywood skills, she takes care of design and operations. To sum up her unique selling point, all we can say is that she is the Master of Front end development.

Shilpa Bhansali

Design & Operations

Let’s just say that the amount of Business knowledge he has despite having a dual degree from IIT Bombay makes him our pride. He is the energy centre of the whole team and loves day dreaming. He loves to observe and chatter around while using his master weapon, His Mind. He can probably talk to you about spirituality, adventure travel and Sci-fi for hours.

Aditya Sonkar

Business Development

The Chronicles of Chai Sutta and our very own Shashank with his craziness about all the dangerous activities like sky diving and bungee jumping , fast driving will make you go on an adventurous trip. From Java to Android or salesforce, you name it he knows it like a pro. His secret weapon is Oops coding and with his earphones playing loud music probably all the time, he can make you a developer fan in just some days with his crazy tricks and that innocent face!

Shashank Agarwal


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