Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop : A revolutionary portable PC

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop : A revolutionary portable PC

ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo is one of the most promising brands available in the market. Their history and integrity vouches for the quality of the product. Did you know that the idea of Lenovo had originally begun in a dusty, two-room Beijing guardhouse in 1984? Today, it is one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world with employees in more than 60 countries. Recently, Lenovo has launched the ThinkPad X1 Fold.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is all set to dominate the market with it’s progressive and pioneering features. It is the world’s first foldable PC and has come up with a range of revolutionary aspects. Who would’ve thought that you can fold and carry your laptop like a book? This device is light weight( 999g) which gives a feathery feel and it is extremely durable. Lenovo has accomplished their vision and fulfilled their dream.

Processor and Storage

The device is based on Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor with 5 cores and 5 threads, a 1.4 GHz base and 3.0 GHz boost frequencies Hybrid Technology. The engineering team of Lenovo worked hard to overcome the mechanical, electrical, and structural challenges to deliver a promising end product. The presented the world with it’s first foldable laptop. The model is based on latest OS Windows 10 (64-bit) and a storage space of 1TB and 8GB RAM.


With ThinkPad X1 Fold, you can discover a split-screen laptop that offers you so many exciting features. The 13.3-inch OLED display splits across two halves. It has touch screen in a High Resolution manner. The sharp screen comes with 2048 x 1536 pixels along with 192ppi. It is designed in a way to fit into your back pocket. Be a trendsetter with the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. The leathery finish gives it a sleek look and stylish aura.

Foldable like a book

Camera and Battery

ThinkPad comes with a 5MP Webcam. Attend meetings and webinars is an easy manner. Moreover, the battery lasts up to 11 hours so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Idea and Creation

Lenovo has adhered to their legacy while creating ThinkPad. This is the first Lenovo Laptop with a storage space smaller than any other laptop they’ve ever created before. They’ve compacted a fan, a heat sink, and a heat spreader, and everything on their entire motherboard to keep it cool and reliable.

Mod Pen


The astounding Lenovo Fold Mini Keyboard is the perfect fit that magnetically attaches to the X1 Fold, connecting via Bluetooth. You can use this laptop in portrait mode, landscape mode, like a book, or even attach the keyboard and give it a traditional finish. The beautiful stature of the keyboard motivates you to work on your assignment. The LED battery status is displayed on the side. Take notes with the Lenovo Mod Pen. It features precise pressure and tilt detection in a low latency manner. Only 2-hour charge provides a month of usage and it is chargeable via USB-C AC adapter.

Even though it doesn’t have an anti-glare screen or HDMI, there are so many features you can look forward to. To sum up, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 has :-

  • Split OLED Display
  • 13.3 inches size
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution
  • 300 nits brightness
  • Ethernet- No
  • Bluetooth- v5
  • USB Ports- 2 x USB Type-C
  • Headphone Jack- Yes
  • Other Ports- DisplayPort , Stylus
  • Camera – 5 MP
  • Keyboard- Wireless
  • Touchpad- Yes
  • Inbuilt Microphone- Yes
  • Optical Drive- No
  • Processor- Intel Lakefield
  • GPUIntel Integrated Graphics
  • RAM Bus Speed- 2133 MHz
  • Solid State Drive- 1 TB
  • Battery Backup- Up to 11 hour

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The device does need a bit of a boost considering anti-glare is an important feature but it is definitely one of a kind. Be it for business purpose, or book, or personal pleasure, this device will give a groundbreaking experience. The price tag might be a concern but it seems like it is worthy of it. Available at a price of Rs.1.90 lacs, grab this complete package of a laptop.

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Micromax Comeback: A Thriving Opportunity or a Disdainful Charade?

Micromax Comeback: A Thriving Opportunity or a Disdainful Charade?

Micromax was one of the most thriving and engaging brands that India has ever witnessed. On 2014, they came the second most favourable brand with a market share of 18% and 10th most popular brand of the world. However, their happiness was short lived. When several Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo entered India, they put Micromax out of business.


However, Micromax is all set for a comeback. Co-founder Rahul Sharma took Twitter to announce that Micromax is all set to return to the market under the sub-brand ‘IN‘. His short video states that this time he doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. This time he chose to stay true to his roots and bring forth the series of new IN-mobile phones at an affordable price.

Rahul Sharma talks about how a boy from a middle-class family dreamt to do something big. With Micromax, his dream came true. He took a loan of 3lakhs from his father and started his venture with three other friends. However, Chinese companies ruled him out of the competition. When the world was moving fast with 4G Network, Micromax was still stuck with 2G and 3G. With the advancement of Jio in 2016, people forgot about Micromax. Jio offered free data and unlimited voice calls at the least possible price and people immediately shifted their choice.

Indo-Chinese Conflict

The growing tension between two countries is one of the reasons behind Micromax’s return. Indian Government has banned more than 50 Chinese apps and launched ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ scheme. Rahul Sharma took advantage of this situation and in his short video, he fanned the nationalistic sentiment of the Indians and urged them to put a stop to Chinese products.
The avalanche of patriotic sentiments and increasing dislike for the neighbouring country is a stronghold of this product. Harbouring national sentiments has been an age-old trick and it has worked out successfully every time. Nevertheless, Micromax has to vouch for their product quality otherwise it will be wiped out again.

cheeni kum
“Aao Karaein Cheeni Kum”

Previously, the main complaints against Micromax were their after Sales Service, Android updates, battery life, and quality of the products. Rahul Sharma is optimistic this time as they’re introducing pure Stock Android as well as performance-oriented service. Gamers will have a lot to look forward to as the IN- range of mobile phones is bringing plethora of features. This comeback puts a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as they’ve to improve their brand image as well as legitimise their brand representation on a global level. Also, the phones vouch for a clean experience with no Ads or bloatware.

Micromax was the first company to introduce dual-SIM phones or QWERTY keypad. During their breakout year, their Canvas range was one of the most profitable ones. Hugh Jackman was also one of their brand ambassadors. This time too they’ve comprised all the possible features in an affordable range. It is believed that the phones will be priced around Rs.7,000-Rs.25,000. Later on, they’ll also bring in several other phones both at a cheaper and costlier rate.

Upcoming Series

There is a chance that IN-1A will have MediaTek Helio G35 Processor, a 6.5-inch 720p display along with Android 10 and 5000mAh battery. Another phone might have MediaTek Helio G85 processor. One of their phones is supposed to have 3GB RAM and a camera quality of 13MP primary one and 5MP secondary sensor along with a 2MP tertiary camera.
Micromax is choosing to localise their brand as much as possible. They’re investing 500 crores for expanding into the local market. The employees are working tirelessly as Micromax has a lot to look forward too. They’ve to compete with Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and others while establishing their own domain.

Till now, Rahul Sharma hasn’t confirmed any specifications or updates. The advent of Micromax and their subtle jibe at Chinese products has received a lot of response. Sharma wants the countrymen to focus on the best possible features at a low-cost range. He is extremely discreet about their comeback and has kept everything under covers.
The series is all set to launch on 3rd November. Even though the brand did perish, it is trying to emerge again like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Micromax is a staunch believer of value for money and top-notch quality at the least possible price. We understand if you feel a dilemma while purchasing a new mobile phone. But Micromax has always been effective and trustworthy in the past. Give them a shot and we’re hopeful that this time also they’ll live up to the expectations while staying close to the roots.

Apple iPhone 12 Series: The latest talk of the town

Apple iPhone 12 Series: The latest talk of the town

Every time Apple comes up with a new iPhone launch, it stirs a lot of controversy. This time is no different either. The latest iPhone series is ruling the internet. There are several attractive features that this series is bringing forth.
The latest launch comes in four different varieties – iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of all of them, iPhone 12 mini is the most affordable and least costly one. Apple has integrated these phones with 5G support as well as their unique A-14 Bionic Chip.

The size of these four phones ranges from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. These revolutionary smartphones run on iOS 14. Unfortunately, Apple has removed the ear phones and charger to reduce the weight of the packaging. The entire aim of this motive was to make the box light weighted. With an internal storage of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, the phones will also be available at variant colors.

Let’s take a closer look at the iPhone 12

With 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR Display, iPhone 12 comes with a smooth and flat edges allowing the aluminum frame to create an unwavering construction. The display screen has been upgraded to OLED which gives the phone a higher resolution and bright features.

The latest iPhone 12 has twice as many pixels as iPhone 11. Apple has integrated 460 pixels per inch in this revolutionary design. The cover glass of iPhone is believed to be the toughest in the industry and they’ve named it as Ceramic Glass. The phone has the capacity to detect when data is low and immediately switches to Smart Data mode to save data as well as battery.

The Silicon Engineering team of Apple has packed 11.8 billion transistors into their unique A-14 bionic chip which is based on five nanometer process technology. The new six core CPU is considered to be the fastest of all smartphones.

The 12MP+12MP Primary Camera deserves special mention. The Ultra Wide camera comes with f/1.6 Aperture which focuses on every little detail of your face. All the cameras have better Night Mode and digital zoom up to 5x. The Secondary Camera is also 12MP which is accompanied with a TrueDepth version.

The starting price of iPhone 12 is Rs.79,900.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini has all the features of iPhone 12 and yet it fits rightly in the palm of your hand. The sleek design of iPhone is put forth in a compact manner and the starting price of this is Rs.69,900. With wireless charging and HDR Video Recording with Dolby vision up to 30fps, this mini iPhone has combined all the revolutionary features of Apple in a dense manner.
It has 5.4-inch OLED display along with Face ID, Barometer, Three-axis Gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor. The phone comes in Red, White, Blue, Green, and Black Color.


iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12 Pro starts with a storage capacity of 128GB and offers up to 512GB. This comprehensive and groundbreaking model comprises all the features of iPhone 12 in a premium style. With 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR Display, this smartphone is the dream of all gadget lovers. It also includes LiDAR scanner for improved AR experience. It allows you to see sharply in the dark and autofocus smoothly on distant objects.

With an incredibly durable Ceramic Shield and stainless steel band, this phone is also Water and Dust Resistant. The Primary camera here is 12MP+12MP+12MP which gives Deep Fusion along with Optical Image Stabilization. The portrait mode with Advanced Bokeh and Depth Control allows you to capture the happenings around you in an innovatory manner. The Secondary 12MP camera gives you high definition selfies.

With one year brand warranty, the price of this phone begins at Rs.1,19,900.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max in undoubtedly the most progressive of all iPhones. This phone has the largest display screen with a size of 6.7-inches. From USB-C to Lightning Cable, A14 Bionic Chip to LiDAR Scanner, this phone comprises the best of all features that Apple has to provide.

This smartphone has the highest resolution of 2778*1284 Pixels. For the first time Apple has come up with HDR Video Recording. This phone is compatible with MagSafe and supports Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio Playback.
If you want to grab the best of all iPhones, go for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can avail this gorgeous item at a starting price of Rs.1,29,900.

Bonus Release: Apple HomePod

Along with the phones, Apple has also come up with HomePod. Apple envisioned to make the life of their customers easy. The HomePod allows you to enjoy a hassle free experience. Siri is here to set timers, or even answer your random questions.

Wrapped in a seamless design, the exceptional quality of the acoustic performance of HomePod gives you a relishing chance to enjoy Podcast in a high-quality audio and it is capable of adapting to its surrounding to deliver profound and high definition music. Ask Siri to stream news, video, audiobook, podcasts, and whatnot. This device is available at Space Grey and Black colour and you can grab it at a minimal price of Rs.19,900.

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Best Limited Time Laptop Deals as of 20th October

Best Limited Time Laptop Deals as of 20th October

If you’re a gadget lover, we’ve some good news for you. Flipkart and Amazon is coming on 16th and 17th October respectively with the biggest possible online sale of our country. There are so many tempting offers that you might get confused which one to go for. Here are some suggestions for the best Laptop deals from our side.

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Best Amazon Deals Right now

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 AMD Ryzen 3

If you want to save a humongous amount on your new Laptop, go for Lenovo IdeaPad S145 AMD Ryzen 3 15.6 inch Full HD Thin and Light Laptop .You can relish super fast connectivity and with 1.5W Dual speakers and Dolby Audio, the Ideapad S145 delivers crystal-clear sound whether you’re watching a video, streaming music, or video-chatting. Avail this beast at a price of Rs.29,990 instead of it’s usual price Rs.42,390.

Click here to view product

HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD 14-inch Laptop

Another tempting deal Amazon has come up with is on HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD 14-inch Laptop. Originally priced at Rs.70,172, during the sale it’ll be available at Rs.52,490. This sleek model comes with a reversible feature and allows you to put aside the keyboard once in a while and just chill.

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Dell Latitude 3400 Intel Core i3-8145u

If you’re a Dell worshipper, Dell Latitude 3400 Intel Core i3-8145u should be your perfect companion. With 3 years onsite warranty by Dell, this small, sleek 35.56 cm (14) laptop with connectivity and management features is ideal for growing businesses. During the sale, you can avail it for Rs.45,490 instead of it’s usual price, Rs.54,900.

Click here to view product

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 AMD 3020e 15.6 inch HD Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 AMD 3020e 15.6 inch HD Laptop is one of the best Laptop out there. This thin and light weight Laptop gives a feathery appearance and has one of the most polished design. The 15.6” HD anti-glare display edged with 2-sided narrow bezels gives you a wider, picture-perfect view from every angle. Have a smoother gaming experience with striking visuals powered by AMD Radeon Graphics at Rs.20,990 instead of Rs.29,290 and save a ton.

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Best Deals on Flipkart

Asus ROG Strix G Core i5 9th Gen

Asus ROG Strix G Core i5 9th Gen allows you to switch between gaming and productivity. The Laptop comes with an illustrative graphic design along with 144 Hz display which ensures powerful visuals. Grab this beast at an exclusive deal of Rs.59,990 instead of it’s original price Rs.83,990.

Click here to view product

Avita Pura Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3500 U

This sale has an exclusive offer on Avita Pura Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3500 U. Available at an exclusive deal of Rs. 26,990 instead of Rs.52,990, this thin and light weight laptop should be your perfect business companion.

Click here to view product

Acer One Pentium Dual Core Thin and Light Weight 14-inch Laptop

Acer One Pentium Dual Core Thin and Light Weight 14-inch Laptop is available at an exclusive price of Rs.19,990. Originally priced at Rs.34,490, it’s has advanced Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor which gives you a smooth and seamless experience. With a 3 year’s warranty and long battery life, this is the perfect budget friendly laptop you’re looking for.

Click here to view product

This kind of tempting sale comes once in a year so grab the never before deals as soon as possible and save a bunch.

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Limited Time & Best Deals on Earphones, 19th Oct

Limited Time & Best Deals on Earphones, 19th Oct

On the occasion of Great Indian Festival sales, we have got here some of the best deals on earphones and headphone, Grab this opportunity and get huge Discounts on Amazon.

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Best Amazon Deals Right now

Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult X1 ergonomically designed drivers come along with super-soft and flexible ear fins making them extremely comfortable for long music sessions and calls. Justifying its name, Boult X1 is out of this world! AL grade aluminium drivers and built in micro-woofer create a smooth synchronized sound with a punchy bass. Available at Rs 328 (67% Off)

Link to Grab this deal

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JBL T205BT Pure Bass

 Take hands free calls and 6 hours of battery life. Imagine headphones that quickly charge in 2 hours, come in distinctive colours, feature a flat tangle free cable and are lightweight enough to comfortably wear for hours on end. Inside the premium housing is a pair of 12.5 mm drivers which will punch out some serious bass, while the soft, ergonomically shaped earbuds ensure the listening experience remains comfortable for long-listening hours. Available at Rs 1,499 (50% Off) Instead of Rs 2,999

Link to grab this deal

Jabra Elite Active 65t 

Up to 15 hours battery life – 5 hours in the earbuds and an extra 10 hours from the included, pocket-friendly charging case. Operating system dependent.Sidetone enables you to hear your own voice when you are on a call. Sidetone settings can be configured using the Jabra Sound+ appWhen you remove an earbud from your ear while listening to music, the music will automatically pause. Available at Rs 5,999 (65% Off) Rs 11,999

Link to grab this deal

Sennheiser HD 450BT Over Ear Wireless Headphones

 Step up to great wireless sound with the new HD 450BT. With active noise cancellation, quality wireless codec support, and Bluetooth 5.0 they deliver superior sound with deep dynamic bass. Advanced features include Virtual. Assistant interaction, customization via the Sennheiser Smart Control App, a special podcast mode, and a 30-hour battery life, to deliver exceptional versatility for audio lovers. Available at Rs 9,990 instead of Rs 14,990

Link to grab this deal

Philips Performance TAPN402BK

Don’t miss a beat. These water-resistant wireless earbuds boast a slim neckband for convenient use. Earbuds in or earbuds out, you will know where they are. Vibration Mode alerts you when there is a call, and you get 14 hours play time. Available at Rs 3,999 Instead of 7,990

Link to grab this deal

boAt Rockerz 255 

The new Rockerz 255 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1-CSR8635 chipset and 10mm drivers. Together they ensure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound. Redefine your style statement with bright Neon green and black blend of the rockerz 255. With its 6 hours play time, Available at Rs 899 (70% Off)

Link to grab the deal

Best Flipkart Deals

Flaunt Market High Bass Earphones

Noise Isolating 1220 Wired Headset  (White, In the Ear)With Mic and Connector type: 3.5, if looking for earphone at the lowest price. This is best at the given price Available at Rs 249 instead of Rs 999 original price

Link to grab the deal

Soundcore Life Note True Wireless Bluetooth Headset 

With the Soundcore Life Note, you can listen to music and talk to friends all day long without interruption or discomfort. This audio accessory features the cVc Noise Reduction Technology, along with Four Microphones, to attend calls without distractions, Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection, and 7 Hours of playback time. Available at Rs 1,999 (71% Off)

Link to grab the deal

Ambrane Bass Twins True Wireless

Are bulky headphones bothering you? Bring home these earphones from Ambrane and get used to a comfortable aural experience. Offering a playtime of up to 14 hours (with case), these earbuds deliver powerful HD sound to make for long hours of listening pleasurable. Available at Rs 1,499 instead Rs 2,499

Link to grab the deal

boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headset

This boAt headset is lightweight, sleek, and sturdy to make your musical experience stylish and convenient. It features an ergonomic base that ensures that this headset offers a custom fit as per your head’s shape. This headset features 40-mm Dynamic Drivers that have speaker-resistance of up to 32 Ohm. As a result, you get to enjoy punchy and rhythmic music. On this headset, you can enjoy the extra bass at a wide frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz to feel the musical waves. Available at Rs 1,099 (63% Off) Rs 2,999

Link to grab the deal

Philips TAT1215 

This headset delivers high-quality sound with powerful bass, ensuring an immersive aural experience, This headset is crafted from high-quality materials and it has a premium metallic finish, ensuring sturdiness and durability. Available at Rs 1,699 (66% Off)

Link to grab the deal

Sony WF-XB700  

If you are looking for a Bluetooth-enabled wireless headset, then this Sony headset is ideal for you. It features EXTRA BASS to ensure that you can enjoy powerful bass. Moreover, its IPX4 rating makes it water- and sweat-resistant so that you can workout in peace. Available at Rs 7,990 instead of Rs 11,990

Link to grab the deal

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CAIT To Launch an ECommerce Portal : BharatEMarket

CAIT To Launch an ECommerce Portal : BharatEMarket

  • Ready to begin operations in October 2020
  • In May, CAIT had announced that the marketplace will not charge commissions and fees from sellers even as orders will be delivered without a fee
  • Can be a tough competition to Ecomm giants like Amazon and Walmart owned Flipkart

With the upsurge in online shopping over the year due to the COVID-19 lockdown, consumers have shifted to the online ecommerce stores for meeting their daily requirements, especially for the purchase of groceries and essentials. With the retail giants reporting a spike in their online consumer base, B2C e-commerce has become the need of the hour due to the measures of social distancing as well as self-quarantine practices. While the adoption of online e-commerce has facilitated a seamless shopping experience for the users, consumers have started shifting to this platform more than the physical store due to its convenience.

Designed with a new format, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) would be launching their new ecommerce portal BharatEMarket in October, which would encompass all the small retailers of the nation. By specialising in the domain of groceries, BharatEMarket would be accommodating the mom-and-pop stores and providing them an opportunity to expand their area of operation and enable their service across the nation. While the existing retail giants have started to capitalize in this domain such as JioMart, Amazon, Grofers and BigBasket, BharatEMarket is a novel concept which has been designed for the purpose of a larger good.


By accommodating the small kirana stores in the online domain, BharatEMarket paves way for these retailers to reach beyond their existing geographies and serve beyond. Having been promoted by esteemed investors such as StartupIndia, Invest India, Avana Capital and All India Consumer Products Distribution Federation, the portal would house over 7 crore traders as well as 40,000 trade associations under their exquisite ‘Phygital mode’. While the initial pilot programmes were being conducted in over 90 cities across India, the success of the same has facilitated in expanding it and evolving it into the BharatEMarket. Having distinguished themselves from the existing ecommerce stores, BharatEMarket would have a greater emphasis on their two significant stakeholders, the consumers as well as the retailers.

While the commencement of this avenue provides an array of opportunity for the sellers as well as the consumers, BharatEMarekt would set itself unique from the competitors by availing an ample amount of options to choose from during the consumer purchase process, thereby enabling the consumers to make a smart purchase decision.

With retail shopping has evolved itself into online platforms, consumers have become cautious about their purchases. While compromising on the physical experience of a product, consumers seek the reviews in order to be sure of their purchase. While purchasing a product has become a tedious task for the consumers, reviews and rating websites have become the common place to hunt for before making a purchase. With the upsurge of several review websites exhibiting unreliable and paid reviews, the credibility of these websites is being questioned. Being an answer to this issue, Revmeup has evolved itself to provide authentic and genuine reviews which are posted by the consumers for the consumers.

Where we come in?

Having based their ideology in providing authentic and genuine reviews for products brought by the consumers themselves, Revmeup has become the ultimate destination that consumers visit in order to make an informed decision before purchasing a product. Enabling the consumers themselves to post their reviews of the products, Revmeup is a credible platform that consumers arrive at for posting a genuine review about the products that they purchase. While reading the review enables the consumers to buy wisely, it facilitates a much satisfactory purchase than buying with an uncertainty.

While BharatEMarket would be launching with an endless option to choose from, RevmeUp would be the go-to destination in order to make an informed purchase. Facilitating the ecommerce experience through BharatEMarket, Revmeup is a tool for the consumers to shop smartly.

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